Correlation of fluoride with some inorganic constituents in groundwater of Dashtestan, Iran

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To determine the relationship of the previously measured fluoride (F) content to
other inorganic constituents in groundwater samples from 14 different villages in the
Dashtestan area of Bushehr Province, Iran, the levels of various inorganic constituents in the
water such as pH, noncarbonate hardness, carbonate hardness, total hardness, alkalinity, Cl–
, SO4 2–, NO3–, Ca2+, and Mg2+ were determined. From correlation analysis, F was found
to be positively related to total hardness, noncarbonate hardness, SO4 2–, Ca2+, and ...

INTRODUCTION Fluoride (F) in drinking water is usually the main source of F intake, and excessive consumption of F can cause a wide range of adverse health effects.1-5 For this reason, it is important to determine the F concentration of groundwater and its correlation with other drinking water parameters. In this study, we examined the relationship between the F content of groundwater and other inorganic constituents such as pH, noncarbonate hardness (NCH), carbonate hardness (CH), total hardness (TH), Cl–, SO42–, NO3–, Ca2+, and Mg2+ in villages of the Dashtestan area of Bushehr Province, Iran. MATERIALS AND METHODS This study was conducted between March and September 2007 in 14 villages of Dashtestan, Iran with groundwater as sources of drinking water. In a recent report, as the first part of this investigation, we showed a map of the location of the villages and noted the basis for their selection.6 As reported earlier,6 the standard SPADNS method was used with a DR/2000s spectrophotometer for the F determinations. Ca2+, Mg2+, and NO3–, also were measured with a DR/2000s spectrophotometer (HACH Company, USA). Other parameters such as total hardness (TH), carbonate hardness (CH), alkalinity (ALK), Cl–, and SO42– were determined by standard methods,7 and pH was determined using a pH meter. Since TH was greater than ALK, CH was considered to be equal to ALK, and noncarbonate hardness (NCH) was taken as the difference between TH and CH.8...
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Dashtestan     Iran     Fluoride             constituents    
        correlation     Groundwater     Inorganic    

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