Drinking water fluoride and child dental caries in Dashtestan, Iran

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The aim of this study was to determine whether a relationship exists between
the groundwater fluoride (F) concentration and dental caries in children living in the
Dashtestan area of the Bushehr Province in Iran. Except for some very small villages, 14
villages in Dashtestan with only a groundwater source and essentially the same socio-
economic living standards and nutritional conditions were surveyed. All of the children in
each village in the ages 6–11 were sampled for a total of 2340 in all villages. F levels in ...

INTRODUCTION Besides damaging bones and teeth, excessive intake of fluoride (F) is known to cause a wide range of adverse health effects.1-5 Since drinking water is usually the main source of F intake, determination of water F concentration has been an important undertaking in many countries to investigate its potential effects on health, especially in relation to the occurrence of dental caries and dental fluorosis.6-10 In this study we examined the relationship between dental caries in children and the F content of groundwater used for drinking and cooking in 14 villages of the Dashtestan area of Bushehr Province in Iran. MATERIALS AND METHODS This study was conducted between March and September 2007 in the 6366-km2 Dashtestan area of Bushehr Province in southwestern Iran (Figure 1). The climate is hot and dry in summer and mild in winter. Except for some very small villages (population under 150), the 14 villages in Dashtestan that were selected for study rely for their drinking water on local groundwater sources with varying concentrations of F. The selection of these villages was done in such way that all of them have essentially the same socioeconomic standards and nutritional conditions. Most of villages have the similar public health and dental care...
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